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Roster ofCoaches

Mats Lindgren
Specializing In:
Mats is from LES, and he specializes in edge control, skating and stick handling.
Mitch Fyffe
Specializing In:
Mitch is from Saints Hockey and Hockey House. He specializes in adapting skill acquisition to actual hockey plays.
Lars Hepso
Specializing In:
Power Skating with agility and strength.
Lars comes to us from "Skate with Power" and is the skating consultant for the Arizona Coyotes.
Zach Yuen
Specializing In:
Specializing in efficiency, functionality, and helping develop critical thinking patterns to elevate hockey sense.
Shane Kuss
Specializing In:
Shane is from Semiahmoo MHA and specializes in developing offensive skills, especially shooting.
Brian Campbell
Specializing In:
Edge Control, Skill Development & Power Skating
Brian is the owner and director of Two Way Hockey School with his son Ryan Campbell
Matt Earhart
Specializing In:
Matt comes to us from Semiahmoo MHA and he specializes on developing defencemen.
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